There were numerous people that drove the development of decorative Stourbridge art glass. Some we know very little about other than their names in census records or the occasional appearance in pattern books. Others were significant in their area of expertise and became synonymous  with a particular style of glass. A few utilised their knowledge of glass production, the history of art and their creative abilities to inspire the finest variety of decorative art glass to be manufactured.

The following index will act as your guide: (Members only)

A compilation of West Midland glass workers recorded in the 1881 census records.

A compilation of glass decorators as they appear in the Stevens & Williams pattern books is a work in progress.

The Mark & Moody Almanack (1885 – 1917) is a further source of information on the people with glass associations in the Stourbridge area.

Alphabetical index of Artists/Designers:

Adey, William
Barbe Jules
Barbe Jules Jr.
Beech Frederick
Bohm Frederick A.
Bowen William O
Carder Frederick
Carder George J.
Collins John
Davies Harry A.
Dresser Christopher
Erard Oscar Pierre
Facer Jabez
Fenn Benjamin
Fereday John T
Fritsche William
Grainger David
Grice Edwin
Guest Thomas
Gyngell Arthur
Hambrey John
Hansel Anton
Hauke (Hanke) Franz
Hill James Benjamin
Hill William
Hodan Charles
Hodgetts Joshua
Keller Joseph
Kny Frederick Engelbert
Kny Ludwig
Kny William
Kretschmann Fridolin
Locke Joseph
Miller Edward
Miller Theodore
Muckley Jabez
Muckley Josiah Fairfax
Muckley William Jabez
Nash Arthur J.
Noke Frederick
Northwood John
Northwood John II
Northwood Joseph
Northwood William
O'Fallon James
Orchard John
Orchard William
Palme F. Josef
Pearce Daniel (Lionel)
Pope George
Scheibner Francis
Service James R.
Shuker Frederick Walter
Smith Francis
Webb Edward
Webb Frederick
Webb Thomas Wilkes
Whitworth Harry
Wilkes N.
Woodall George
Woodall Thomas

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