Stan R. Eveson

Stan R. Eveson was the one time works manager and technical director of Thomas Webb & Sons, at the Dennis Glass Works. He started work as a local grammar school boy on all fools day in 1928, he became one of the leading authorities in his field. In retirement he became curator of the Webb museum and carried out research into the old archives, which together with his prodigious memory enabled him to compile his story of Thomas Webb & Sons.

This story, in six parts, is part historical and partly autobiographical, it is written with Stan’s characteristic humour and always with an insiders view of the industry.

These memoirs were first published in the 31st volume of Glass Technology and reprinted by Glassworks Equipment Ltd., now Glassworks Hounsell Ltd., Halesowen. They are reproduced here with their kind permission.

Stan R. Eveson – Reflections: sixty years with the crystal glass industry Part 1;  Part 2;  Part 3;  Part 4;  Part 5;  Part 6.




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