Iridescent Glass


Producing glass with an iridescent finish to replicate that found on excavated Roman glass, had, according to Mark Hill,been invented by Leo Valentina Pantocsek (1812 – 1893).

Iridescent glass production in Stourbridge was started later,  in 1877, by Thomas Wilkes Webb who patented an invention, for “An Improved Means of Producing Iridescent Colours on Glass”. Thomas Webb & Sons exhibited this glass, which they called Bronze, at the Paris Exhibition of 1878.

Hodgetts, Richardson & Son also displayed bronze iridescent glass, at the Paris 1878 exhibition and were promptly pursued by Webb for infringing their patent.

Stevens & Williams did not produce iridescent glass until 1908, when it was known as “Fleuriscent” glass.

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