Key Stourbridge Glass Factory Owners

The establishment and development of the Stourbridge decorative art glass industry was based on the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial endeavours of a handful of individuals. These men of vision brought to their establishments the artisans and designers who were capable of creating masterpieces in glass that were commercially appealing.

This section will not go into detail on the achievements of these individuals but will provide links or information on other sources of information.

Stevens & Williams:

Samuel Cox Williams. (Photo courtesy of the 'Williams-Thomas family archive'.

Samuel Cox Williams. (Photo courtesy of the ‘Williams-Thomas family archive’.

The Partnership of William Stevens and Samuel Cox Williams began in 1846. They took over the Moor Lane factory from their father-in-law Joseph Silvers. They produced primarily medical and apothecary glassware together with flute cut tableware (decanters and glasses) in the Regency style.They worked together for twenty three years up to March 1869 when it ended with the death of William Stevens.

The business had been operating in rented property, which was in a poor state and in need of renovation that the owner was not prepared to undertake. Samuel decided upon building a new factory in nearby North Street. Work started in January 1870 and the first pots were set for production in August 1870.

Samuel now had the facilities to produce glass that would compete with the finest in the district.

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