How to use this site


Navigation of the Antique Stourbridge Glass website is available via a number of options. To start the main menu across the top has drop down menus that take you to the different topics available. Once inside a topic, the next level of sub-divisions are listed under the “Content Navigation” to the right.

Your location is shown by the menu item changing colour, to orange . In addition a “Browse” bar under the main menu shows the path you have followed; with your location in orange. You can go back to your previous location either via your browser’s navigation or by clicking on the previous location in the path or content navigation.


Links in the text have a teal colour and will take you to another section of the website; opening in the same window.

However, some links, that should be recognisable from the context, are to an external website. In this case the link will open in a new window of your browser.


Pages within a topic are navigated by the controls at the bottom of each page.

On longer topics there is a drop down table of contents, at the top of each page, with links directly to the sub-topics. A “Back to top” button appears on longer pages to take you back to this contents menu.

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