How to use this site


Images in the left hand sidebar that have links, visible when you hover over them, generally take you to its location on the website of the organisation that made them available and open in a new window. For example Corning Museum of Glass, identified by its logo.

Other images may also have a link. This opens the image in a larger format for better viewing. To navigate back to the original use your browser’s back arrow.

The “View rotating image” takes you to another page containing the rotating image that can be controlled as required by the mouse or controls. Navigate back in the normal manner.


The galleries can be scrolled through either by the arrows, right and left, by the bullets above the gallery or by swiping with your mouse.


Videos are either embedded in the website and play in the current window or have been uploaded to YouTube for private viewing from this site and open in a new window.


You can search the website by entering your keyword search topic in the box at the bottom of every page.

“Artists/Designers” tables can be searched for quick access.

Social media

The social media buttons under the “Content Navigation” section are “Follow Us” buttons. They take you to my pages that keep you up to date on changes and new additions to the website; you may elect to follow and get automatic notifications.

The Pinterest Boards provide examples of glass incorrectly attributed to the Stourbridge factories as well as examples of replica glass produced by others.


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