Oscar Pierre Erard – Sample

Stevens & Williams Description Books

Example of compiled gallery of patterns ¬†taken from the description books for Erard’s work.

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Double crimp top bowls decorated as sketches.
Watch holders, Clear, Ruby cased or Opal cased Etched and gilt. Dated 6/9/1890.
Handled Scoop (jug and goblet), gilt & enamelled spray of flowers. Dated 10/9/1890.
Table service. Etched and gilt as sketch. Dated 9/10/1890. Ruby and Pomona bowl Hocks.
Claret, Tazza and vase. Etched and gilt over as sketch.
Handled decanter decorated as sketch.
Corrugated moulded vases and plain vases etched and gilt over as sketches. Dated 27/11/1890.
Double handled loving cup richly decorated as sketch. Dated 13/12/1890.
Corrugated moulded vase decorated with Peacock as sketch. Dated 17/12/1890.
Bowl etched and gilt over as sketch. Dated 15/1/1891.
Handled decanters and bowl etched and gilt over as sketches. (Chrysanthemum) Dated 18/4/1891.
Handled decanter and bowl etched and gilt over as sketches (Chrysanthemum). Dated 18/4/1891.
Vases , etched and gilt over (Chrysanthemum). Dated 29/5/1891.
Bowls, etched and gilt over. (Rococo or Chrysanthemum). Dated 25/5/1891.
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